Bond Street Restoration LLC 

Dimensional Stone & Tile

Inlayed Floor

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Piano Patio

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Bath in Chinese Marble

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Bath in ceramic

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Kitchen and greenhouse, Blue Pearl and Black Absolute Granite

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Bath in Distressed Sable Gold Limestone

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Bath in Distressed Marble

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During the building boom of the mid-1980's I was approached, in my sculpture studio, by a local tile contractor.  He needed someone to make marble and granite trim for his custom installations.  As a working stone carver I found it to be an easy enough task, and a very lucrative sideline.  My involvement in the business grew until eventually I was designing, cutting, and installing.  This involvement has continued to the present.

My earliest adult involvement in the plastic arts was in crafting and repairing jewelry.  The minute scale of jewelry work requires great attention to detail and very precise fitting of the various pieces in a composition. Lapidary skills, cutting, carving, and polishing gemstones, translated neatly to a very high quality of stone and tile installation. 

Except for the mosaic, all designs, trim, and edging were produced in my studio.

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